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Museo mineralogico Tiso


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Museo mineralogico Tiso

The glittering splendour of the Tiso crystal geodes and Alpine minerals

This splendid Mineralogical Museum is located in the Association Building in the center of Tiso in Val di Funes in Alto Adige just 7 kilometers from the Brennero Autostrada (get off at the Chiusa Exit). The experts have arranged the Museum’s exhibitions by effectively combining creative fantasy with the most modern museum design and educational criteria. An introductory film offers even the most inexperienced visitor a complete panoramic view on the origin and nature of the crystals on display in the Museum.The Museum Shop provides a complete selection of publications on Mineralogy, souvenirs, jewellery and healing stones and crystals.

Tel +39 0472 844 522
[email protected]


ad., 5,00 Euros - children, 2,00 Euros -  3rd kid free entrance
- groups: 4,00 Euros per person min. 10 person
groups admitted only upon reservation