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Hotel Waldkönigin ****


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Hotel Waldkönigin ****

Via del Bosco 17
39027 San Valentino alla Muta
Tel +39 0473 634559
Fax +39
0473 634079
[email protected]

Summer or winter, an emotion for adults and children at 1470 meters. In winter, the beautiful landscape shrouded in white, enthusiastic sports lovers. Those seeking relaxation will find suitable offers for every age group. Scroll left gaze from the park on the edge of the picturesque forest of larch Haidersee down to the lake of San Valentino, the top of the majestic Ortler.

Feel the small and subtle difference, the fascinating history of the house of origin and from the balcony, forget the look towards the imposing mountain landscape. In the dining room, you will be pampered and you can can enjoy exquisite cuisine and regional wines. Spoil yourself, enjoy every moment.

7 days / week HB

€ 420,00
 € 770,00

Weekend / rates per day with HB

€ 60,00
€ 110,00