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Hotel Tanzer ***


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Hotel Tanzer ***

Via del Paese 1
39030 Falzes
Tel +39 0474 565366
Fax +39
0474 565646
[email protected]

Feel at home in the stylish atmosphere of the Tanzer Hotel. Read a book, enjoy a pleasant conversation or simply unwind and relax. Whether with a creamy Latte Macchiato on the sunny terrace, with a good glass of red wine in the comfortable armchairs or in the individually furnished rooms. Romantic, modern or rustic – every room is different from the other.


Feel well and recharge your batteries far away from daily routine and stress. Under the sparkling water of the showers, surrounded by the hot steam of the sauna and the magic scent of the mountain pine, a real treat for both body and soul.


Accurate and courteous, but never importunate, that’s the service we provide to our guests. A hospitality that comes from the heart. Mrs. Baumgartner and her service team will be pleased to accompany you every evening to your festive and beautifully decorated table.

 7 nights HB

€ 434,00
€ 714,00

Weekend rates per day with HB

€ 62,00
€ 102,00