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Hotel Lilie ****


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Hotel Lilie ****

39049 Vipiteno
Tel +39 0472 760 063
Fax +39 0472 762 749
[email protected]

Hoteliers since 1461

More than five centuries of history have passed through the ancient walls of the present-day Hotel Lilie in Vipiteno. The hotel, which has been operating as an inn since its origin, is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Late Middle Ages and is protected by the state as a treasure of fine arts. Inside the magnificent Medieval vaults are authentic traces of the past with all the amenities of a modern hotel: an elegant atmosphere and the expression of a natural vocation for hospitality.

An unforgettable event

The Hotel Lilie has maintained its characteristic charm for many centuries. The rich history of the “Al Giglio bianco” inn dates back to the Late Middle Ages.
A meticulous renovation has made it possible to improve and enhance the original historic structure. Today, the Hotel Lilie offers understated elegance and superior comfort in a modern hotel, to make your stay an unforgettable event.

Relax your senses

Warmth, harmony and the soft glow of scented candles ... The Finnish sauna and steam room are an excellent way to begin to revitalize body and soul. We offer an island of tranquillity, created especially for your relaxation or meditation.

 7 nights HB
Weekend rates per day with HB