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Hotel Kolfuschgerhof ****


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Hotel Kolfuschgerhof ****

Via Roenn 7
I-39030 Colfosco - Alta Badia
Tel +39 0471 836 188
Fax +39 0471 836 351
[email protected]

A jewel of the Ladin Dolomites
The setting alone is supremely beautiful. The Mezdì Valley’s alpine pastures, the calcareous towering peaks of the Sella Group, the sheer sides of the Sassongher – here the Dolomite massifs are within your grasp. As our guest you will be able to fully enjoy this splendid Ladin-style mountain scenery – in a hotel that expertly combines the romantic atmosphere typical of mountain settings with family-style hospitality and the perfect amount of holiday comfort and luxury. After thirty-five years of experience in the field of gastronomy, we know the wishes of our refined guests to perfection. Come and see for yourself.

Rates per week / 7 nights

€ 592,00

Weekend / rates per day

€ 89,00
€ 196,00