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Hotel Ciasa Salares ****


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Hotel Ciasa Salares ****

Strada Prè de 31
39030 S. Cassiano
Tel +39 0471 849445
Fax +39 0471 849369
[email protected]

According to the present structure, the hotel has undergone an important restyling and extension. Starting from summer 2010 and thanks to thirteen re-designed rooms as well as twelve completely new superior rooms, all of our guests will experience an even more exclusive stay. Hotel Ciasa Salares is surrounded by green pastures and the wonderful woods of Fanes Park, which, on June 26th 2009 has been declared as world natural heritage. It can be reached from Val Badia, passing  through San Cassiano towards Val Parola, or also from Cortina towards Falzarego Pass, and is set amongst the wonderful peaks of Conturines and Lavarella.

At all times, you feel at ease with every element in the house, natural materials whose main feature is the gradual transformation and excellent maintenance over years. Wooden planks and furniture have been selected carefully – fir, larch and cirmolo tree, with no artificial treatment – it would be unnecessary as they are top level products of this land.

 7 nights HB


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