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Hotel Aqua Bad Cortina & mineral baths

Hotel Aqua Bad Cortina & mineral baths

Strada Fanes 40
I-39030 San Vigilio di Marebbe
Tel +39 0474 501 215
Fax +39 0474 501 778
[email protected]

It is a hotel rich in tradition, art and history that combines the charming atmosphere of time gone-by with modern comfort and services.

Our hotel takes its name from the source of mineral water, Aqua Bad Cortina that originates in the woods, 10 minutes away on foot, and flows directly from our hotel taps with its beneficial qualities.

Alberti Family - Elena, Sandra, Sofia, Marco, Nicol

settimana 7 notti

€ 550,00
€ 700,00

Weekend prezzo al giorno MP

€ 88,00
€ 110,00